If you put your hand over your mouth when you smile because you’re embarrassed by stained or discolored teeth, hide no more. Teeth whitening is painless, safe, and often quick. You’ve got a few treatment procedures to choose from. Let’s learn more about what causes a dull smile and what you can do to transform it.

What causes teeth staining?

Because teeth are porous, it’s easy for them to pick up colors from the foods and beverages we consume. Here are some of the most common chief offenders.

Coffee: Dark coffee, especially when enjoyed black, can leave your teeth an unsightly shade of brown. While adding milk or cream may lessen this effect, it’s wise to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth right after your morning cup of joe.

Tea: Equally as harmful to your pearly whites are the tannins in black tea. Even white, green, and herbal teas can leave stains.

Red wine: Ever looked at your mouth after a glass of your favorite merlot or pinot? That purple hue lingers, especially if you’ve got plaque buildup on your teeth that the wine can cling to. Sip your wine with just-brushed teeth to lessen the effect. Drinking water and eating while you enjoy your wine also helps to prevent stains.

Soda: Full of enamel-damaging acid, dark-colored sodas pack twice the punch as clear choices since they stain. Plus, they’re loaded with sugar, which is also harmful to your teeth.

Blueberries and beets: Definitely at the top of the list of healthy superfoods, these highly pigmented produce offerings have potent staining power. Rather than forego their nourishing benefits, enjoy them in large quantities, but brush your teeth within an hour of eating to remove the discoloring agents.

What are my options for professional teeth whitening?

Depending on how quickly you’d like to brighten your smile and the budget you’re working with, we offer three great treatment choices.

1) In-office bleaching: If you’ve got 60-90 minutes to spare, we can deliver optimum teeth whitening. The dentist applies a whitening solution on the front surface of your teeth and then uses a curing light to activate it. The solution is left on your teeth for 30-60 minutes.

2) Tray whitening: This is an at-home procedure that takes a little longer but is also less costly. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth from which to create a personalized tray. You fill the tray with whitening gel, and let it go to work for about an hour a day for two weeks in the comfort of your own home.

3) Whitening strips: The most affordable option, strips are available in our office. Please be sure to consult with your dental team before purchasing over-the-counter strips. We want to be sure you’re choosing the right product for your unique needs.

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