Woodlane Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Patient Reviews




“You are doing a great job with customer service and even better with dental care… thanks, I am glad we have made the move to your office”

“Everyone and everything was excellent”

— Dorothy P.

“My hygienist that cleaned my teeth was great, nice and funny. It was a delightful experience even though I had to get 4 fillings. And as always Dr. Erlandson did a great job! Thank you very much!”

“Everything was perfect, service was great”

“I have been very happy with my level of care and have/will refer the practice to my friends and associates”

“My hygienst really makes you feel welcome and my teeth feel great after she finishes cleaning them!”

“I think your practice rocks!! I am very impressed with how you have embraced technology to run a very efficient operation. I am very comfortable with your dental skills, I wouldn't be a patient if I wasn't impressed. Have a great day!”

“My daughter loves going there, Thank you”

“I was really happy that the hygienist working with my child (while I was in another cube) had a great talk with him about proper brushing. It has been a battle at home and the chat really helped. The whole team really works to help the customers. Thanks!”

“Dr. Erlandson, always greets his patients in such a manner that you feel comfortable. The rest of the staff is always gracious and friendly too.”

“My hygienist is always so cheerful, she does a great job cleaning my teeth and provides a top-notch review of my dental condition. I always appreciate the effort and attention she invests in my dental health. Having been his client for nearly 17 years, I have complete confidence in the skills and judgment of Dr. Erlandson. I've had half-dozen dentists in my life, and he is simply the best”

“I really like the fact that every time I come in, I see the same staff and I feel comfortable. I also love the reminder email that just started coming out. It's a great way to add the appointment to my work calander and be reminded in advance. Thanks!”

“I was very impressed, the hygienist had a good touch and didn't talk down to me or make me feel foolish, ashamed, or embarrassed. I also love how you've embraced technology. No matter where we live in the Metro area, you will be our dental office of choice and we do recommend you. Thank you!”

“As always, you provide awesome service!”

“It was a wonderful experience especially with the three boys all with me, thanks for the coffee and the crossword, I felt like I was at home.”

“My hygienest is the greatest, she takes very good care not to be so aggressive but yet gets the job done (cleaning teeth that is). Dr. Erlandson, love the man he is very thorough”

“Everyone is great! This is the most comfortable I've ever been at the dentist office. I didn't experience any anxiety that I have in the past. I'm so glad I moved back to the area and can use your services again. Thank you!”

“Reception was professional and pleasant, my wife is making plans for her first visit. Thank you for welcoming us to Woodbury from Seattle”

“I am very satisfied with everyone at the office, and especially enjoy the hygienist I see.”

“Everyone at the office is GREAT! When we come in everyone is smiling and always so nice. You have a great team!! Thank you so much.”